National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day 2023 is a reminder of Bhopal Gas Tragedy urges to focus on Industrial Hygiene to protect the health of workers & citizens inline of ‘Sustainable Development for a Clean & Healthy Planet’

World Sanitation Day

Let’s Accelerate Change for safe sanitation on World Sanitation Day India Swachh Bharat program focuses on creating awareness about safe hygiene practices. Here #VAAYU share how we can become open open-defecation-free.


What are Green-Crackers & how to differentiate them from traditional crackers Your superhero #VAAYU is here to clear all your queries & guide you to celebrate

International Day of Climate Action

On International Day of Climate Action, we share a few simple ways to act for Sustainability. The day brings together young people concerned about climate change & global injustice. Climate Action Day empowers youth to decide the future of Mother Earth


विजयदशमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ Happy Dussehra It represents the victory of good over evil. Ramayana teaches us many lessons & most importantly, respecting nature. Let’s see how we can kill Ravana in today’s time

World Food Day

Let’s join hands to eradicate hunger & promote sustainable food practices. By supporting local farms & reducing food waste, we can build a healthier, greener future. Here #VAAYU share a few tips to make a difference

Global Handwashing Day

Highlights that ‘Clean Hands Are Within Reach’ & we all can play a role to ensure this. Washing hands with soap prevent diseases & save lives. Let’s learn from #VAAYU more about the day to adopt Best Practice

International E-Waste Day

E-waste day focus on Invisible Ewaste, hoarding of which affect Circular Economy. We produce yearly 8kg of Ewaste & 20% is properly recycled. Rest WEEE is burned or processed in sub-standard ways to recover metals/plastics, adding toxic emissions to ecosystem

Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Let’s pledge to ‘Fight inequality for a resilient future’. We can build a safer world by strengthening communities & investing in disaster risk reduction to save lives, livelihoods & health 

World Mental Health Day

Theme is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. We all face mental health issue at sometime. Together we can raise awareness to make mental health care a reality for all.

World Animal Day

It reminds us of the bond we share with them Let’s pledge to protect, respect, & coexist harmoniously with all animals to create a world where animals thrive in their natural habitats

World Car Free Day

Do you know why we celebrate Car Free Day? It aims to promote Public transport ,Cycling & Walking. Bicycle is faster than a car for short trips & keeps you & environment healthy

Bamboo Day

This day reminds us of its incredible versatility & sustainability. Bamboo plays a key role in rural & marginalized communities’ livelihood. India via National Bamboo Mission is committed to the holistic development of Complete Value Chain of bamboo 

World Ozone Day

Let’s learn success of Montreal Protocol on World Ozone Day 2023. Ozone layer recovery is on track & expected to return to 1980 levels by 2066 over Antarctic.

Clean Air for Blue Sky

Let’s learn from #VAAYU how air pollution affect our health & how we can have Blue Sky by simple steps. Become a Pro Planet People & adopt Life Style For Environment. 

Janmashtami Special

This Krishna Janmashtami, let’s embrace the spirit of joy, love, and eco-consciousness. Join the celebration, share the love, and inspire little ones to become stewards of a cleaner, greener planet.

Raksha Bandhan Special

Do you know a brother’s promise to her sister on this Raksha Bandhan 2023 Let’s hear our superhero Vaayu & her sister Vasundhara conversations

Clean Air for Blue Sky

Open Air Quality Day for Public #OPAQ We invite Students, Media & Commoners. Pls come & learn about Air Monitoring & AQI
OfficialPU in Sector-25. Thanks to our collaborators

Afraid about Cyclones?

Afraid about Cyclones? KIDs & VAAYU are here to protect yourself Biparjoy Safety & others Stay Prepared. Take care of Elderly & Vulnerable family members

World Ocean Day

Let’s celebrate World Oceans Day2023. Theme ‘Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing’ urges to protect depleting oceanic resources, bcoz it affect human life.

World Environment Day​

Celebrating World Environment Day 2023 Let’s be a Environment ConciousSociety by adopting LiFE

World No Tobacco Day

We need to Choose Food Not Tobacco on No Tobacco Day 2023. 3.5 million hectares of land is lost every year to tobacco farming leading deforestation, soil degradation & fertility loss resulting in desertification.

Earth Day

Theme INVEST IN OUR PLANET urges people, inventors, investors, corporates & governments to focus on green innovations & practices to have an equitable future for all

World Migratory Bird Day​

World Migratory Bird Day 2023 highlights importance of water for birds. Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Pond & Wetlands are vital for birds feeding, drinking & nesting. Pollution & climate change affect water bodies. We need to save water & adopt LiFE to conserve birds.

World Asthama Day

Asthma care for ALL’. Let’s increase awareness about asthma to reduce associated morbidity/mortality. Below are few tips on how asthma can be managed effectively to improve the lives of all people suffering from the disease

World Health Day

World Heath Day is a reminder of healthcare for all. India efforts eg PMJAY, JalJeevanMission NationalCleanAirProgram PoshanAbhiyan kayakalp IYoM PMPanchamrit SBM shows it’s commitment for “Health Care for All: Everyone & Everywhere’

World Water Day

Let’s pledge on World Water Day to save even single drop by promoting Zero Liquid Discharge in industries, encouraging Rain Water Harvesting & preserving Ground water. Bcoz every drop counts in ensuring a sustainable future for our planet!

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